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Michael Bushong

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Amazon is indisputably the biggest name in cloud service providers. They have built up a strong market presence primarily on the argument that access to cheap compute and storage resources is attractive to companies looking to shed IT costs as they move from on-premises solutions to the cloud. But after the initial push for cheap resources, how will this market develop? Is cheap really cheap? Amazon has cut prices to their cloud offering more than 40 times since introducing the service in 2006. The way this gets translated in press circles is that cloud services pricing is approaching some floor. But is that true? In October 2013, Ben Kepes over at Forbes wrote an interesting article that included a discussion of AWS pricing. In the article, he quotes some work done by Profitbricks that shows AWS pricing relative to Moore’s Law. The article is here, and the image f... (more)

UX Is the New Orange

If LinkedIn profiles are any indication, User Experience (frequently shortened to UX) is the new orange. Indeed, across all manners of technology, there is an increasing focus on improving user experience. Driven in part by Apple’s success on the consumer side, it would appear that IT infrastructure vendors are getting in on the action. In the quest to simplify our collective lives and differentiate in a space more defined by cost than capability, the user is taking a more prominent role. As it should be. Networking and UX This is especially true in networking. The truth about a... (more)

Plexxi Pulse—Adding Flexibility to the Cloud

It’s been a busy week here at Plexxi. On Tuesday, we announced our partnership with Cari.net, a high-performance, scalable and flexible hosting platform based on Microsoft Cloud OS. CARI.net’s newly released CARIcloud service is powered by Plexxi and uses software-defined networking to allow companies to automatically adjust to conditions on their networks and make sure that the most important applications are never starved for performance. The platform enables customers to manage organizations and scale their data centers without being restricted to a single cloud service provid... (more)

Resiliency in Controller based Network Architectures

Last week Ivan Pepelnjak wrote an article about the failure domains of controller based network architectures. At the core of SDN solutions is the concept of a controller, which in most cases lives outside the network devices themselves. A controller as a central entity controlling the network (hence its name) provides very significant values and capabilities to the network. We have talked about these in this blog many times. Centralized Control When introducing a centralized entity into any inherently distributed system, the architecture of such a system needs to carefully consid... (more)

Plexxi Pulse—The Importance of Visiting Customers

If you follow the Plexxi blog, you know that our own Marten Terpstra (engineer turned product manager) posts every week in his reoccurring #TerpstraThursday blog series. He is also a contributor to industry publications like SDNCentral. This week, Marten reflected on a recent visit with a customer and highlights the importance of connecting engineers with potential customers to enable a firsthand experience of product in action. He specifically calls out the need to skip the power-points and “endless monologues” in favor of rolling up our sleeves, and installing boxes to see if... (more)