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Michael Bushong

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by Rich Napolitano, CEO of Plexxi My entire career has been spent finding disruption and cultivating the technologies needed to convert that disruption into real business value for customers. It is with that objective in mind that I am thrilled to join the Plexxi team as Chief Executive Officer, alongside my good friend and colleague Dave Husak, who will lead our product development efforts. We are in a unique moment in time, with massive technological and business model changes underway in parallel. Everything we know about compute, storage, networking, and applications is in transformation. Changes like this have not occurred in over twenty years. And change of this magnitude breeds opportunity. My decision to join Plexxi was actually many months in the making. In my previous job leading EMC’s Unified Storage Division, I drove over $30B in revenue during my tenu... (more)

The Snowflake Conundrum (aka Why it is Hard to Make Money in Network Management)

Beneath the macro trends (SDN, Big Data, DevOps, Silicon Photonics, whatever), there are more subtle strategic undercurrents that have been driving a lot of the activities in the network industry for the past year or so. One of the most important in terms of competitive landscape, overall industry monetization, and customer impact is Point of Control. But despite its role in so much of what is going on, it isn't getting near enough air time. For the network, the Point of Control is the point of interaction. That is to say that operations teams experience the network through thei... (more)

What Is Application-Centric Infrastructure?

With the launch of Cisco's software-defined networking startup Insieme expected tomorrow, our industry is about to hear a lot about "application-centric" everything. So what does "application-centric infrastructure" mean? First, some basics: Networking is about connecting computing devices and systems so they can share data. Networking infrastructures are built with a combination of hardware such as gateways, routers, and switches that manage the movement of the data as well as software applications that enable you to do things like access the Internet and send email. As you co... (more)

Cisco and Arista: Two launches, two wildly different points of view

This has been a huge week in networking. Cisco finally launched the long-awaited Insieme effort to much fanfare. And in an attempt to preempt the Insieme launch, Arista scheduled their own announcements for a couple of days before. There are tons of articles about the technical details of what each launched. I have included just a couple here: SDNCentral: http://www.sdncentral.com/news/aristas-single-tier-spline-targets-enterprise/2013/11/ Jim Duffy at Network World: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/110413-arista-275557.html Jim Duffy at Network World: http://www.networkw... (more)

Plexxi Pulse – New Directions in the Network

This week the networking world focused its attention on two major announcements from Arista and Cisco. Michael Bushong discussed why these announcements represent two different points of view in the network in another post this week. As a company founded on “affinity networking,” which is largely the same concept as application-centric infrastructure, Plexxi considers the Insieme launch to be a major affirmation of our solution and our role in this space. Moreover, we have been at it since 2010 and continue to make advancements in our strategy and improvements to th... (more)